CS56, Fall 2018

Course Staff Bios:


Phill Conrad is a Senior Lecturer in the CS department at UCSB. He is interested in ways of incorporating authentic software development experiences into undergraduate computer science courses. Outside of CS, his interests include piano, guitar, hiking and meditation.


Daniel is a fourth year Computer Science major mentoring CS56 this quarter. He has been doing research on data visualization and scientific computing in the context of HPC for three summers at Los Alamos National Lab. He has no idea where he wants to take this experience, what kind of career to pursue, or even whether to join academia or the private sector after he graduates. His hobbies apart from CS are photography, cooking and taking one hike per year.


I am Santha, first-year Computer Science Master's student. This is my first time being a TA and I look forward to building our applications together for CS56. Cheers!


I am an undergrad going on to my fourth year in CS. My minor is in Arts and Technology. This summer, I am doing my first internship with a startup downtown where I am porting an iOS app to Android. I hope to keep working on mobile apps in the future. I also have a very deep passion for cats of all sizes. My friend and I are trying to make a fun augmented reality app with cats. Personally, I think CS48 and CS56 were some of the most useful classes I have taken here. They prepared me the most for my internship now.


num ready? description assigned due
lab00 true Getting Started Thu 09/27 04:00PM Tue 10/02 11:59PM
lab01 true Tools for java development Thu 09/27 04:00PM Fri 10/05 11:59PM
lab02 true Polynomials Thu 09/27 04:00PM Thu 10/18 11:59PM
lab03 true Intro to Web Applications Thu 10/11 04:00PM Thu 10/18 11:59PM
lab04 true Testing and Test Case Coverage Thu 10/18 04:00PM Fri 10/26 11:59PM
Midterm Exam E01
lab05 true Sorting Thu 10/25 04:00PM Fri 11/02 11:59PM
lab06 true Getting Started with Spring Boot Webapps Thu 11/01 05:00PM Fri 11/09 11:59PM
lab07 true Leaving a legacy Thu 12/06 05:00PM Thu 12/06 07:50PM
proj01 true Starting your project: Story Map Thu 11/08 05:00PM Tue 11/13 11:59PM
proj01_mentors true Mentor Duties for proj01 Thu 11/08 05:00PM Thu 11/08 07:50PM
Midterm Exam E02
proj02 true Working on your issues Thu 11/15 05:00PM Wed 11/28 11:59PM
proj02_mentors true Mentor Duties for proj02 Thu 11/15 05:00PM Thu 11/15 07:50PM
proj03 false Finishing up your issues Wed 11/28 12:30PM Tue 12/04 05:00PM
proj03_mentors false Mentor Duties for proj03 Thu 11/29 05:00PM Thu 11/29 05:00PM
proj04 true Leaving a Legacy Thu 12/06 05:00PM Thu 12/06 07:50PM
proj04_mentors true Mentor Duties for proj04 Thu 12/06 05:00PM Thu 12/06 07:50PM


num ready? description assigned due
h00 true HFJ 1,2: Java basics Thu 09/27 07:00PM Mon 10/01 12:30PM
h01 true HFJ 3,4: Primitives, References, Instance Variables, Methods Thu 09/27 07:00PM Wed 10/03 12:30PM
h02 true HFJ 5,6: Random, ArrayList, first look at the Java API Thu 09/27 07:00PM Thu 10/04 07:50PM
h03 true HFJ 7,8: Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstract Classes Thu 10/04 07:00PM Mon 10/08 12:30PM
h04 true HFJ 9,10,11: Constructors, Statics, Exceptions Thu 10/04 07:00PM Wed 10/10 12:30PM
h05 true Data Structures (HFJ 16) Thu 10/04 07:00PM Thu 10/11 07:50PM
h06 true Autobox/Autounbox (HFJ Ch 10) Thu 10/11 04:00PM Mon 10/15 12:30PM
h07 true Packages and JAR files (HFJ 17, pp. 581–595) Mon 10/29 12:30PM Wed 10/31 01:45PM
h08 true Serialization (HFJ 14) Mon 10/29 12:30PM Thu 11/01 07:50PM
h09 true Intro to Design Patterns (HFDP Ch 1) Thu 11/01 05:00PM Mon 11/05 12:30PM
h10 true User Stories Thu 11/01 05:00PM Wed 11/07 12:30PM
ic00 true Pair Partner Picking Planning Thu 09/27 07:00PM Thu 09/27 07:50PM


num ready? description exam date
e01 true Midterm Wed 10/24 12:30PM
e02 true Midterm Exam 2 Mon 11/19 12:30PM
e03 true Final Exam noon-3pm Tue 12/11 12:00PM


See also: LECTURE* repos from https://github.com/ucsb-cs56-f18

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